Monday, February 19, 2007

Orange Line Stabbing – Unfortunately, No Surprises Here

There was a stabbing at Back Bay station on the Orange Line tonight,
as noted by the all-too-familiar headline on WBZ, "Teen Critical
After Orange Line Stabbing." An 18-year-old was reportedly attacked
and stabbed by a group of men on the platform.

The continued violence on MBTA property is a real concern for
everyone who rides the system, especially in the hardest-hit stations
and areas. It's time the city, the state and the MBTA got their act
together and seriously organized a better, bigger, stronger police
force for the system. I know the State Police don't want to inherit
the Transit Police's problems, but a merger would more likely than
not be in the best interest of the riding public, and that should
outweigh the internal frustrations of merging the forces.

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