Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthday Weekend @ Seashore Trolley Museum!

I've been a transitfan my entire life... Since 2001, I've been a regular online and have become a prominent figure on the MBTA online community. But this weekend made me feel that I was truly a transitfan - that this truly is something I love... This took it away from the computer screen and into real life.. This weekend 'The Forums' Moderator-In-Charge, Seashore member and friend Corey (CRail) took me up to the museum for their Rapid Transit and Bus weekend... It was friggin blast! We were joined by MBTA Rail Operations Forum Mod ( John and regular poster "Mattster".
Riding former MBTA fishbowl 6069 through Kennebunkport was great - especially watching the people outsides' reactions to seeing it (followed by a 1949 school bus) traveling through the town... Riding a NYCTA Redbird through the woods of Maine was also out of this world.
The most fun part was today (Sunday) when I got to drive RTS 8400 (that the museum got not to long ago) and drive a SEPTA PCC... Simply one of the best experiences of my life... I will definently be at the Museum a bunch more nowadays and hope to further my interests and work in transit. What a weekend!

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