Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Hairstyles of the '70s," or "How not to act when your actions have disrupted thousands of commuters for hours and cost the city of Boston $1 Million"

(Originally Posted February 1, 2007)

Last night, I recall thinking, "Man, that poor artist, he was just trying to make a living! I hope he doesn't get in too much trouble." Being an artist and a college student, I could relate. But today's, umm, let's call it unusual, press conference changed that sentiment a bit. They shouldn't have said anything to begin with. What SHOULD have happened was that their lawyer read a short statement and everyone go on their way. Unfortunately, their 'performance' soured any feelings of remorse from those who were stranded in traffic Wednesday morning. Say what you will of the city's response to these "devices", the two men who hung them up should have at least pretended to care. Maybe if they had to pay to refill everyone's gas tanks and reimburse all lost transit revenue, they would give half a damn about their fellow Bostonians.

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