Monday, June 4, 2007

Well, That was Disturbing!

I'm a little thunderstruck at what I saw on the Red Line this morning: the doors closing before everyone had gotten off, and even closing on several people!

It happened at Charles/MGH, at about 7:30 or so. I was on car 01625, at the back of the train. There are usually a lot of people who get off this subway at Charles; many look like they're on their way to work at MGH. There's usually no problem.

This morning, though, was very different. As people went out the doors, even before anyone tried getting on, the doors closed. People inside and outside put their arms in the way, and even tried to force the doors open, which should have sent some kind of signal to the conductor so she (I looked later, it was a she) would reopen the doors, right. Nope. Not even one of those "please don't block the doors" announcements. People finally gave up, the doors closed,and off we went. At least 10 people on my car had to get off at Kendall so they could ride back to Charles.

Judging from the shocked expressions on everyone around me, I'm not the only one who never saw anything like it before. And coming a couple of weeks after a very similar incident on the Orange Line, it makes me wonder.


grnhbrfan said...

I was on the last car too! I couldn't believe it when the doors shut. How about the poor guy who stepped out of the car to let the other passengers depart. He tried to get back on and couldn't. He saw that the next door down (which was broken as only one side worked)was still open. He ran and barely got his body in, as the conductor had one think on her mind, and that was shutting those doors. There wasn't any way any of the conductors were paying attention to the departing passengers. If the red emergency button was at our end of the car I would have jumped up and pushed it.

seashoreCM said...

If I was the one who barely got [my] body in I would have done my best to hold that door ajar, thus keeping the train stopped (?) and after awhile the conductors and/or motorman would have recycled all of the doors to see what the matter was, and hopefully other passengers would have started to hold other doors for each other.

(Actually I would have done my best to hold the door I was standing outside of originally.)

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